Travels in Aus

I love the Australian Outback Road Trip.
In such a vast landscape as Australia, traveling around needs a bit of planning. Its not only the destination, its not even all in getting there, it's about being completely prepared. Don't forget festivals, country royal shows and throughout summer there's always some bastard throwing a music festival. Better check the Gig guide.
2 wheel drive backpackers welcome to Australia. We have plenty of advice on, you know, real budget moves to get you around.

Australia has a very wide range of animals and birds, some of the best and easiest to see in the world. What is also interesting is the large number of non-native species roaming Across Australia's Outback and outer rural areas.

Camels, donkeys, fox, rabbit, pigs and horses are in abundance, and require occasional culling. Australia has the largest population of dromedary in the world, if they haven't been culled lately.

On one of my trips I thought I would try my dog at a bit of feral pig wrestling. It tuned out a little less dangerous than it sounds.