Road Trip 101

Whats out there? Where do I start?

In such a vast landscape as Australia, traveling around needs a bit of planning. Its not only the destination, its not even all in getting there, it's about being completely prepared. Here we will get you on the right track with vehicle types, basic maintenance, essential hardware and tools to carry, and what do do if things don't go quiet go to plan.

Tip 001. It's better to buy vehicles in the south. Why?

1. Up north, cars and such tend to get wet. Very wet, what some would call, submersed. Down south we keep 'em warm and dry. Some people send a few wet ones down south from time to time, on accounta they cant sell them to people who do remember to check under the carpet and stuff.

2. There is more of them.

Tip 002. Get to know 'Your ABC'. Music and news are road trip essentials, handy to calm the savage beast when he 's sick of driving.
The Countrywide Australian Radio Coverage, with the widest demographic.
If you are under 90 years old try listening to Radio National
Radio Australia
Classic FM
If you are over 5 years old try listening to triple j

That just leaves - Jazz, Country, Dig Music, News and Local, for you to check out later.

An then there are the stations that do use advertising.

There are plenty of these as well of course.

This page will continue to be updated. Bookmark Across Australia web site, and check here later for more 101 travel tips for Outback Australia.

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