On The Way

Camping out
Reptile encounters

Across Australia you will find excellent tourist facilities as far and wide as you can go. If you find yourself wanting a really great experience, its also great sometimes to track down your own bush camp. As you roam about you will notice wayside rest areas regularly, and as you get further away from the farming areas these are used for overnight stops, and if you are still a bit worried about the 'joanna and pete' concerns, you will not be alone.

Now Do Not Worry this man is not from Australian, ..but..
No but seriously, a hell of a lot more people get into trouble not checking there mirrors before overtaking, than run afoul of bad guys and such. Fact. (Awshit it's only happened a few times). BE VERY CAREFUL AND PAY FULL ATTENTION whilst driving on Australian country roads. They can be long and you can easily become complacent. And here is a good tip, if you do accidentally wander of the paved road onto the gravel edge, take it easy, back off the gas, and very gradually straighten the car and then bring it back into your lane If it's safe to do so. Lots of inexperienced drivers get this wrong in 4WD vehicles and end up 'four paws to the sky'.
The rest areas are used by many caravan tourists, so there is always some company. In some areas these rest stops are regularly serviced with potable water and firewood. For the more adventurous and well set up campers, look a bit further off the road, taking care that you are allowed to of course. This usually only applies in the outback, not in rural areas. Of course we don't go through gates or enter private property no matter where we are. If you happen to get invited to a rural or outback property one of the basic rules is, 'leave the gate as you find it'. This is generally, closed.

One of the things that may occur, although in 30 years Across Australia I have met "Joe Blake" only thrice, you may have a reptile encounter. 99% of these will be friendly.

Now Do Not Worry this snake is not from Australia, ...but.. yes we do have dangerous reptiles and stuff, but we try not to go poking them around and hanging them on fences and such, and most human animals make enough noise to let snakes know when you are about, so they bugger off before you arrive. But remember, for wild bears yo stare them in the eye, for wild dogs show no fear, and if you see a snake coming towards you in the bush, run like fu**.

Hope to bring you more 'not from Australia, ...but..' soon.